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Monday - June 17, 2024
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Customer satisfaction survey

Survey 2022-23

This feedback survey is intended to assess and evaluate The Orchid School's performance in AY 2022-23.  We wish to understand if our initiatives both at academic and administrative levels are relevant, appropriate to the context, and to the age of the learner.

While we are figuring out how to address the learning gaps, we deeply value the feedback so we can do better in the coming year.

This feedback will not only help you contribute positively to your child's learning experience, but it also helps us understand the school’s overall success.  You can provide useful insights and help us improve our communication channels with all stakeholders.

This feedback has immensely helped the school and also encouraged parent's involvement in their child’s learning process when situations looked bleak. Parents provided us with useful insights which have definitely and positively contributed to our growth. We also conducted surveys for our Teaching and Non-Academic staff to understand if our response ensured that their welfare was well catered to and any impact it may have had on the teaching- learning process.

This has been an introspective exercise in self-awareness through the lens of all involved in our journey towards higher trust and transparency.