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Monday - September 25, 2023

Full Lunch - Burger + mexican rice + jam roll

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About School
Name: Why Orchid?

The Orchid School located at Baner, Pune was started by Pradnya Niketan Education Society. P.N.E.S has been formed by a group of committed educationists. We follow the CBSE curriculum with English as our medium of instruction. We are a co-educational and inclusive school.

What’s in a name?

The Orchid School gets it's name from the orchid flower. Orchids were the first flowering plants to evolve around 120 million years ago, when the mighty dinosaurs roamed the earth.

The dinosaurs became extinct; so did many species of plants and animals. But the orchid family survived, adapted and expanded.

Orchids are among the most successful and adaptable family of plants. They are often cited as great examples of peaceful and mutually beneficial co-existence in nature. Orchids were here long before humans. The orchid has survived the different stages of evolution by adapting to the changing climate, waiting for the right time & opportunities to bloom.

Our school recognizes the fact that all children have potential, like Orchids. They are waiting to be unfolded and discovered.

When given an appropriate, rich, supportive and nourishing environment, children can blossom and evolve as healthy human beings – as beautiful and exquisite as The Orchid Flower.