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Camps and Excursions
Camps and Excursions

Learning cannot be restricted to just the textbooks and classroom.

Our children should be able to face life’s challenges and be prepared to tackle any situation. Thanks to globalization one is always on the move and needs to adapt oneself to different climatic conditions, food, lifestyles and cultures. Travelling widens our horizons and helps us to grow as individuals.

Camps, excursions, exchange programmes, study trips and the like are an integral part of holistic learning. The purpose is to inculcate in children, the idea that learning is fun and that it need not be in classrooms alone; that travel and challenging oneself is a ‘learning’ in itself.

Through the various programmes organized by the school, which are in fact related to the curriculum of the year, we aim to equip children with life skills as well, that is not always possible in a classroom scenario.

Nature can be the best classroom for our young impressionable minds. An outdoor experience with excellent guidance and peers can be the most defining and positive experience in a young life.

In order to give our children an exposure to environment and nature, we had taken the children of Std V and VI to Nilshi in the year 2008. That was our first overnight ‘Environment camp’ .The camp was organized by ‘Outdoor Mantras’ a reputed organization which has arranged many successful camps for many prestigious schools in Pune and Hyderabad.

The success of this camp encouraged us to organize more such camps and excursions at every level so that more students get the opportunity which enhances their classroom learning and makes them confident and self-reliant.

In 2011, we collaborated with Explorers School, an organization which facilitates experiential learning through a well-structured program and hands on approach by creating an opportunity for the student to explore, discover, and learn about a place, its people and culture.

Since then, our Std VI/VII students have been to Hampi/Champaner for a heritage camp through Explorers and have had an enriching experience and acquired various life skills such as Self-awareness, independence & confidence, working in a team, intrapersonal communication, developing relationships and bonding.

We organized a study visit to Andaman this year, through an organization called Annet.

We had our first rural camp in 2010 and this too is repeated each year. The purpose of this camp is to make the children aware of the village life, governance, economy, local initiatives taken towards conservation, sustainable development efforts.

Class VII students have been going to Lokmanya School, Chikhalgaon, since last year. Lokmanya Sarvajanik Dharmaday Nyas (the Lokmanya Public Charitable Trust) runs this school which is a day-boarding and residential school for over 450 children from in and around Chikhalgaon village. Dr. Raja Dandekar, Chairman and Managing Trustee, Lokmanya Public Charitable Trust and his wife Renu conducted their first class in a cowshed with a group of six children.

Since 2012, we have also been organizing a study visit for our Std. IX and X students to Andaman through Annet, an organization that aims at spreading awareness about ecosystem biodiversity within these islands. The team has developed various programs for school and university students from India and globally.ANET’s team tailor makes programs according to particular curriculum requirements and learning objectives of each school as well as provide for different age groups .This gives young people an interactive learning experience on the importance of conservation while adding impetus to local environmental tourism. Their education programs vary from introductory awareness activities to in-depth studies of particular flora and fauna of each of the different habitats.

Our endeavor has been to provide our students ample learning opportunities both in and outside school which will groom them into well rounded personalities, enable them to develop a balanced perspective towards life and meet its challenges with courage and confidence.

Integrating text books with outdoor experiences makes learning meaningful and engaging for both the learner and the teacher thereby making it a fulfilling, fruitful, enjoyable and exciting journey. Weaving in these outbound camps and excursions into our school education system truly resonates the school’s vision statement of creating locally rooted and globally competent future citizens.


  • RURAL CAMP VII Dapholi(Chikhalgoan)2014
  • Adventure Camp at Kambre Camp– Class V 2014
  • Hampi 2014
  • Gram Mangal :Rural Camp, Class VII, 2014


  • Class VII Rural Camp to Lokmanya School, Chikalgaon
  • Hampi 2013
  • Adventure Camp at Nilshi– Class V
  • Night Out Camp- Class IV