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Transport Committee
whole school improvement plan based on customer satosfaction survey 2012-13
Dear TOS Team members, 

As a follow up of our Customer Satisfaction Survey presentation and the seminar we had, this is what we all arrived at, agreed upon and decided to keep it as a road map for this academic year. 

Every feedback matters, specially when there is some truth in it. It helps us continuously reflect, reshape our goals and polish our performance. 

This is a collective effort to improve our whole school system, specially in terms of our primary goals - that of teaching - learning process, knowledge acquisition, developing and honing  skills and  inculcating correct attitude.  

I am sending this to each of you so you can have it  as a reference document  - whenever in doubt , or as a check list for self monitoring - or as a goal post that we need to reach. 
Your team leaders too will use some factors  as checks and measures for mentoring and monitoring each of you. 


Lakshmi Di.



  • An educational leadership that gives priority to the school’s learning goals and aims to increase teacher’s ability and opportunity to engage in good teaching
  • High expectations of all students
  • Discipline and order without repression.   

  • Physical and Mental Safety
  • Freedom of expression without fear
  • Quality education
  • Achievement opportunities
  • Experimental learning
  • Right to be treated by peers with respect and dignity
  • No discrimination by teachers and other significant adults
  • Equal opportunity to develop skills
  • Holistic development of every student
  • Child centric education
  • Respect individuality of the child
  • Right to ask and clear doubts
  • Right to cleanliness and hygiene
  • Right to come to an environment which has discipline and order without any repression.

  • Time availability in a day
  • Fee structure given by  PNES.
  • Syllabus assessment cycle guided by CBSE
  • Child’s family background
  • Mixed Ability learners  (but teach to compensate)
  • Structured curriculum – guided by NCERT
  • Different social background of our students
  • Philosophy and ideology of the school – founded on strong research, path  decided  by founder members
  • Building & Infrastructure
  • Space cannot be stretched
  • Inclusive education- is a social commitment
  • Strength of the class – 35. It is still a luxury in the current scenario.
  • Teacher child ratio – 1: 10 – what more can one ask for.
  • CBSE Curriculum – Given by the Board
  • CCE- Given by the Board
  • Uncertainties  & Disasters
  • Diversity among children  -  learning styles, interest, motivation for learning  & achievement  vary with different children.
  • State policy regarding administrative work, number of hours teachers work, admission criteria, promotion policy, RTE etc.
  • Teacher ability and attitude – varied with different individuals
  • Technology affluence – This generation of learners are more techno savvy and literate than the teachers
  • Activity based school – Fundamental choice of the way we teach.
  • Any time admission/withdrawal –  Labour mobility a reality.
  • Homogeneity in terms of social class, relative homogeneity in religion and ethnic background of student.
  • Service providers a reality – Outsourcing help educators focus on core competence.




  • Effective use of human resource
  • Extra time for sports program
  • Friendly matches
  • More indoor games
  • No  cancellation of sports/or Balewadi  
 2. Discipline

  • Each adult to understand the rationale - there has to be a reason, be convinced.
  • Change the idea of discipline - from what we are used to.
  • Make the paradigm shift –be on the same page as the whole school behavior policy says.
  • Quality circle time – classroom management through the year (Training  and implementation )
  • Same message to the child from all significant adults from school and home
  • Uniform implementation. No room for individual teacher’s convenience to implement
  • Regular reiteration of behavior policy
 3. Parent involvement

  • Make learning visible to them
  • Enroll them in activates
  • Invite parents for open space and small group discussions
  • Mail communication for individual parents
  • Using diary for communication of both positive and negative things about their child
 4. Academic performance

  • Completion of portion  in time – without any exception for any class , any teacher
  • Teacher to communicate if need be, about incomplete portion so extra teaching time created for this.
  • No child leaves class without learning the minimum learning levels laid down by norms.
  • Teach, re-teach , change strategies, individualize if need be.
  • CCE – to be also used as diagnostic tool , apart from giving feed back on performance
  • Small group instruction  to address effectively remedial needs
  • Extra support during lunch time – or after school hours. This is not an option but a mandate for all.
  • Early referral for Diagnosis (identification of gap) followed by remediation in all classes – tweaked in FA planning.
  • Within a month identify at- risk students ( with learning, behavior problems) , so by August an intervention plan in place and meticulously implemented
  • By early August, team leaders to identify  “at - risk teachers” (with attitude problem inability to have good classroom management, inability to transfer knowledge).
  • Effective appraisal , feedback system , mentoring, monitoring of those teachers by team leaders .
  • Performance improvement plan to be given by leaders to those teachers – for 3 months – to change , improve…
  • Fixed Frequency Meetings to partner with parents/tuition teachers.
  • Accurate feedback on co – scholastic areas
  • Teachers  with subject expertise even in 4th and 5th Std
  • Graphical representation of child-teacher-subject performance analysis – goal to improve from first to second by 5%
  • Annual syllabus to be up on the website – Ready Reference for Teachers.
  • Hand writing – Standardization.
  • In house training for (MR Script)
  • Regular and surprise note book checks
  • Best Note Book of the month includes presentation and completion
  • Completion of CW  by every student. No child goes home with incomplete class work notes.
  • Monitoring the assignment of meaningful , Productive projects & Home Work. Teachers to give timely feedback.
  • Bringing in more creativity to  X- SEED curriculum – going beyond the bare minimum. 
5.Extra curricular activities

Have the ones that add & enchance skills

Monitor quality of delivery

Not to cancel sessions so that the goals are not diluted