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Thursday - February 25, 2021
Wishing All of you Happy Teachers Day
My Dear teachers of Orchid School and Orchid College, 

I want to share a beautiful story from Hindu Mythology to drive home a point on how real teachers  / gurus enable their students. 


One day , the sage Narad asks Vishnu," Why do you insist that the image of Garud be placed before you in your temples? why not me? Am I not your greatest devotee? 

Just then, a crash is heard outside the main gate of Vaikuntha. " What was that?" asks Vishnu. Garud, Vishnu's eagle and. While , who usually investigates and reports such events is nowhere to be seen. 

" I have sent Garud on an errand. Can you find out what happened , Narad? " asks Vishnu. Eager to please Vishnu, Narad runs out to investigate. " A milkmaid tripped and fell", he says when he returns. 

" What was her name? " asks Vishnu. 

Narad runs out, speaks to the maid and returns with the answer , " Sharada". 

" Where was she going?" asks Vishnu. Narad runs out once again, speaks to the maid and returned with the answer, " She was on her way to the market". 

" What caused her to trip? " asks Vishnu. 

" Why did you not ask this question the last time I went?" mumbles Narad irritably. he then runs out, speaks to the maid once again. " She was startled by a servant that crossed her path", he says on his return. 

" Anything else?" he asks. 

" Are all her pots broken?" asks Vishnu. " I don't know" snaps Narad.  " Find out" insists Vishnu. " Why? " asks Narad. " Find out , Narad. may be I would like to buy some milk", says Vishnu patiently. 

With great reluctance, Narad steps out and meets the milkmaid. He returns looking rather pleased, " she broke one pot. But there is another one intact. And she is willing to sell the milk but at double price". 

" So, how much should I pay her? " asks Vishnu. " Oh, I forgot to ask. 

Just then Garud flies in. He has no idea of what has transpired between Vishnu and Narad. Vishnu tells Garud, " I heard a crashing sound outside. can you find out what happened?". 

As Garud leaves, Vishu whispers , " let us see how he fares". 

Garud returns and says , " It is a milkmaid called Sharada. She was on her way to the market. On the way, a snake crossed her path . Startled, she fell down and broke one of the two pots of milk she was carrying. Now she wonders how she will make enough money to pay for the broken pot and the spilt milk. I suggested she sells the milk to you. After all, you are married to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth". 

" And price of the milk?" asks Vishnu. Pat comes Garud's reply. " Four copper coo s. she hopes to make a handsome profit when dealing with God". Vishnu starts to laugh. 

Garud, a well trained student always anticipates the situation and takes calls accordingly without checking with his master, teacher, guru. 

Despite being given the freedom to take decisions, make thorough inquiry, Narad chooses to stay limited , follows directions rather than taking them, as he is afraid of the consequences ( imaginary). 

Garud, on the other hand, anticipates , decides to investigate and inquires voluntarily and uses his empowerment to the fullest requirement. 


This story is about both Vishnu and Garud, the guru and the shishya, showcasing their trusting, symbiotic relationship. 

The story shows how a teacher can transform to a guru. When the teacher becomes guru, student transforms to disciple. Teacher trusts  the innate potential of the student, waits patiently for the metamorphosis and believes the outcome will be the best.

 A teacher takes responsibility for your growth; A Guru makes you responsible for your growth. A teacher answers your questions ; A Guru questions your answers.A teacher sends you on the road to success ; A Guru sends you on the road to freedom. A teacher explains the world and its nature to you; A Guru explains yourself and your nature to you. A teacher makes you understand how to move about in the world; A Guru shows you where you stand in relation to the world. A teacher instructs you; A Guru constructs you. A teacher sharpens your mind; A Guru opens your mind. A teacher gives you maturity; A Guru returns you to innocence. A teacher leads you by the hand ;A Guru leads you by example.

Let us salute both - Teachers and the Gurus in our life.

Wish you all a very wonderful journey of being a Teacher and becoming a Guru. 

With love,