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Saturday - January 28, 2023
Sabudana khichadi
Teachers Day Greetings - Lakshmi Kumar

My dear teacher colleagues, 

On this Teachers' Day, with love and profound respect.  I am dedicating this short poem to our very own  "Orchid  OCTOPUS " 

Well!  Octopus is  not the most beautiful creature on this earth but it is the only one with 8 powerful hands. They are the most intelligent and behaviourally flexible of all invertebrates. They are known for their keen eye sight and excellent sense of touch. 

 They have, not just one / two but three hearts! 

Just like you!! 



One  gentle HAND  that  firmly holds 

To walk each student through the unfold, 

One HAND holding a baton, 

To be passed on to gen-next nation, 

To read  poetry so  to laugh and cry, 

Paint dream with colours  and contours. 

One HAND  waiting to wipe the tears 

As the world will ignore the losers, 

While applauding the winners who conquered fears. 

One HAND that searches for the hidden , shy, or good for nothing ones, 

From the black hole to starry ones. 

One HAND will slap  to shape the wet clay

So the magic pot that will hold the world together for peace and play. 

Not to forget the HAND  that shows the direction and path 

Victory stand designed for life. 

When the student finally arrives , at his / her own pace 

TWO HANDS wide open to embrace,  with pride!!! 

Cheers to Orchid Octopus!!!

    -Lakshmi Kumar