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Friday - April 23, 2021
Lakshmi Di's farewell note to class X students - 2017

Lakshmi Di's farewell note to class X students - 2017

Don’t forget We have given you Long lists of “Don’t forget “! Don’t forget your Attendance
School ID
Hall Ticket
Student ID
Formula – mathematical and chemical
History dates and king’s names.

I have some add-ons to the don’t forget list ……

When you leave this school’s caring arms

Don’t forget to see the open sky,

As you will soar and fly high.

You are an eagle meant to fly

We may have given you chicken feed.

When you take your next step ,

Don’t forget,

You’re vulnerable, yet strong.

You are a grown up child .

You are winning the freedom,

To be caged in society’s expectations.

You leave one community so you can belong to another.

Don’t forget to see

Every challenge as opportunity

Don’t forget to peel

The layers of your fear, to find your courage

Don’t forget the lessons of life

The school has taught you.

Don’t forget the theories of social sciences,

That life is summary of past and present .

Don’t forget the economics of poverty,

Not in terms of rupees and dollars,

But there is abundance in this world for you and me.

Don’t forgetthe rules of the game ,

Playing to lose is to playing to win –

Don’t forget to be

A human in addition to being

A man and a woman .

Don’t forget the rules of argumentative expressions,

Speak up for freedom, social justice and compassion

Don’t forget to focus

Less on your needs and wants.

Don’t forgetthe chemistry of

Love and empathy as relationship alchemy.

When you get stuck and stagnant

Don’t forget to get out of your comfort zone.

When you get advice and give ,

Don’t forget the other part of the speech – as active listening.

Don’t forget to travel uncertain paths

You will reach the destination called “change”.

Don’t forget to continue your habit of

“Why” followed with “Why not “.

Don’t forget the caring part of the confrontation

Don’t forget to develop thick skin

When you have to bear the hurt for collective good.

Don’t forget to take responsibility when losing,

Don’t forget to be patient

Hone the attitude of perseverance

Lastly, and most importantly ,

Don’t forget to try till you succeed. .

Lakshmi Di.