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Saturday - January 28, 2023
Sabudana khichadi
Farewell speech given for class XII students

Dear students,

Goodbyes are never easy but a very important act in " passage of time ". it is a ritual that must be done. 

It is time for reflection, sentiments, expression of gratitude, ceremonial good byes, rituals and advises. 

So, here is what I want to say to you. 

Can you be "AND" generation rather than "either or " generation? 

For the generation that is used to  entitlement and choices

What do you want to be , become? 

Can you be cool AND be disciplined? 

Can you be " on time for the meet " AND be relaxed? 

Can you be modern AND  be  elegantly poised? 

Can you be English AND vinglish ? 

Can you grow old in age AND young at heart? 

Can you be seriously funny? 

Can you make mistakes AND learn to own it? 

Can you be responsible AND be carefree? 

Can you be a rebel AND  be the one with cause? 

Can you question the norms AND answer new alternatives? 

Can you be organised AND  find peace in chaos? 

Can you be a boring nerd AND a reflective monk? 

Can you be unified with your thought and action AND enjoy the paradoxes of life? 

Can you be scientific AND aesthetic? 

Can you be a rule breaker AND make the relevant rules? 

Can you be a renegade AND be comfortable being in a group? 

Can you a woman AND be a man? 

Can you fix a car AND make an omelette? 

Can you be sexy AND choose not to be a sexist? 

Can you have an ideological fight to end a war? 

Can you grow up AND be child like for ever? 

Most of all, 

Can you be cool AND BE YOU !!!

Loads of love and best wishes,
Lakshmi Di.