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  • 18 Farewell - STD X
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Wednesday - January 16, 2019

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Cyber Gymnasiet faculty visits Pune
Cyber Gymnasiet faculty visits Pune
Ms. Annelie Rohlin, Vice Principal of Cyber Gymnasiet, Stockholm and her colleague, Ms. Maria Johansson, came to Pune on 24th February 2013 for a planning meeting.

Last year, Annelie and her colleagues had received our student group in Stockholm and took them site seeing and she also hosted a dinner for them at her home. She had cooked a delicious Indian meal for the full group.

Swedish presenation

This year Cyber is receiving our students in May. Their students and teachers will be hosting our students and teachers. The group will also visit the school where an interesting program is being chalked out for them. The Cyber team will also take the group for site seeing.

Annelie and Maria met the student group and their parents, gave an overview of the program and some logistic details and also addressed the queries of the parents.

They also attended a couple of lectures, one in Aalochana, Centre for Documentation and Research on Women and the other in Orchid School – lecture by Professor Sunita Pandhe.

They also had an interactive session with our seventh graders.

They also met the role holders at an official dinner hosted by Lakshmi Kumar at her residence.

They had a meeting with the coordinator of training and study visits to discuss details on future collaboration.

The last day of their stay in Pune ended with a dinner in Madhuri Saraswat’s home.