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Friday - April 19, 2024
Bombay sandwich

Mini Lunch: Poori + chole+ salad + dessert

Full Lunch: Poori + chole + phodni bhaat + salad +dessert

"Swedish Embassy's encouraging response to the Exchange Programme"
"Swedish Embassy's encouraging response to the Exchange Programme"

The Orchid Pledge

What we see and our kids experience is a borderless world, one that extends far beyond our country.
With all the macro level urgencies, environmental dangers, discriminations that we witness around us,
its time for each one to recognize our role in it, remind ourselves that our responsibility extends beyond ourselves,
our country, to humanity at large.

Conflicts, injustice etc are not merely a concern of the other but there lies the urgent need for each one of us 
to realize the role we play in it. Conscious acceptance and shifts in our attitude would have an effect on our behavior
and ripple to others as well.

The Indian pledge is a part of our assemblies. We felt that along the years the relevance in today’s context required a re-alignment.
The TOS pledge was thus conceptualized with a belief that in its repetition, understanding the core principles would be reinforced, truth seen and it would become part of one’s self.

The meaning and relevance was spoken about during assemblies to the various levels then institutionalized as a part of the daily prayers.

TOS Pledge

I pledge that I am a global citizen too. 
Protecting the planet earth, promoting peaceful co-existence, 
I will absorb the beauty and richness of other cultures 
Show reverence to all religions, faith and traditions, 
Treat people from all ethnic groups and races, 
With same humility, dignity and respect, 
That I would like them to show to me. 
To myself and my country, 
I pledge to be a locally rooted globally competent citizen.