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Student Exchange Program to Riverside School, Ahmedabad and Shishuvan School, Mumbai November 2011
Student Exchange Program to Riverside School, Ahmedabad and Shishuvan School, Mumbai November 2011
Exchange Programs are an integral part of TOS belief and philosophy. Since 2008, Orchid School has been coordinating teacher exchange programs with Sweden. These interactions have proved to be effective platforms for exchange of pedagogical practices, networking, imbibing of new styles, building connections and giving insights into different cultures.

Soon the student exchange programs began, and we successfully coordinated the visits of two student groups from Sweden.

After these International exchange programs, we began collaboration with some National schools as well. We had our first round with Riverside school, Ahmedabad, wherein a group of seventh grade students accompanied by their teachers visited our school in January this year.

In November, our grade VIII students reciprocated this visit and also another group from the same level visited Shishuvan school, Mumbai.

These exchange programs were a great learning experience for our students and teachers, and they have come back enriched and with a broader perspective of life.

Given below are two reports of these exchanges.

 Contagious is Good

On 24th November2011, 23 students and 4 teachers embarked on a journey. No one knew what to expect from it. All that we knew was that we were on a reciprocal visit to The Riverside School in Ahmedabad (they had come to our school in January this year and spent time with us in school and in the homes of the host families). We were prepared for new experiences and getting to know new people. But no one could have anticipated the bonanza that awaited us.

The journey was, as any journey is supposed to be, ‘learning’ in itself. For many students who had never travelled in a sleeper class compartment in an Indian train, it was a time to confront all their fears of ‘dirty, smelly toilets’, strangers with different ideas sharing their space, no parents to mollycoddle them through their little insecurities and most importantly, being responsible for their own selves.

The warmth extended by the host families at the railway station itself, was in fact, a precursor to what was to follow. The teachers and the students welcomed us with open hearts into their midst and it did not take long for the students to mingle freely with their buddies and their friends. Throughout our stay at Riverside School, from the first ice-breaker game to the last sharing by the students of different schools from all over the country as part of a ‘Design For Change’ initiative that the school has begun, it was an amazing experience. (Our students though, did not attend the last sharing session as it was a time for bonding closely with the host families one last time before they left for home)

The student led initiatives that was so much in evidence in the school, touched a chord in the heart of our students. What I, as a teacher, particularly liked, was the planning that went into the whole process of making this a reality. The students would gather in the mornings along with their teachers and attend a ‘conglom’ - a space to decide their goals for the day/ week/ project etc., ideate, share experiences and ways to improve their performances. The day ended with what they call ‘Closing the Loop’ wherein there was a debriefing of all that was decided in the ‘conglom’. Another highlight was the social awareness programme – the way the students have tried to give to the society and the city they are a part of – spending time with cancer patients, creating the city’s first child friendly zebra crossing, trying to make Ahmedabad a child friendly city, to mention just a few.

A few days ago, I watched Kiran, the founder of The Riverside School, on Ted Talks, talking about great ideas being contagious. She was talking about ‘Design For Change’ but I think it is true for everything. Frankly, I have been bit by the contagious bug myself. Even with tight schedules, submissions, portions to complete, I still feel there is something more that I could do to make my life more fulfilling and purposeful.

Contagious is Good.

By – Mohua di


 DAY ONE : Thursday, 24th November 2011

 7:30 am The students of VII grade left for Mumbai from school.

10:30 am The bus reached Shishuvan after a thoroughly enjoyable ride. The TOS team was welcomed by members of Shishuvan. After a short “bio-break” and dropping luggage off, they were introduced to their hosts.

10:45 am A short ice- breaker game! Soon TOS members were helping their newly made friends put up stalls for the annual fair.

12:15 pm TOS had lunch – it was food which the host families has sent across.

1:00 pm The two schools continued to work together on the annual fair preparation.


3:00 pm TOS people left the school and went to their host family houses. After being greeted  nicely, there were snacks to be had!

4:00 pm Chowpatty time! A glorious few hours on the beach.


8:00 pm As night fell; all the host families went to different places for dinner.

DAY TWO : Friday, 25th November 2011

10:30 am After spending time with the host families, most people went shopping (and eating!) at Phoenix Mall.

2.30 pm Assembly at Shishuvan to get stalls ready for the fair. The theme for this year’s fair was FUN. There were various stalls varying from crossword puzzles to their version of KBC, from karaoke to chess, and from rappelling to hop-scotch. There were even live performances by the students.


4:00 pm Coupon handed out for TOS team to enjoy the stalls they had helped put up.

7:30 pm After thoroughly enjoying the fair, good-byes were said and everyone went back to the host families’ homes.

9:30 pm A drive to see the Sea Link bridge (and a view of the gate of Shahrukh Khan’s house as well!). 


DAY THREE : Saturday, 26th November 2011

10:00 am Reach Shishuvan for an interesting theatre workshop organized for

12:30 pm Lunch at the school canteen.

1:30 pm Farewell! No one could believe how fast those days had gone.

4:15 pm Back in Pune!


Shishuvan is a school with a difference. Their core values:

  • Interaction and team work  within students and between teachers and students
  • Driven by initiatives wherein teachers simply enable the proactive nature of the students
  • A lot of freedom given to students but also a high level of responsibility shown by them in return

The best way to express this learning is in the words of one of our own students – Shantanu Kapolefrom VIII Maroon.  

“l had always wished to go on an exchange program, though,  not for days I still wished for it to happen. And luckily I got a chance to go on an exchange program to Shishuvan school Mumbai . At first, I was a little nervous, but slowly I adjusted to my surroundings, which was easy.  When I first entered the school I thought this experience will be boring but I was wrong. I had a wonderful time with my host family and my new friends. I liked the vision and core values of the school. Then it can be student initiative or things done after a lot of brainstorming. Similar to our school, Shishuvan was different in its own way. Apart from the school, I enjoyed the trip a lot, I saw the Nehru science center, Worli sea link and Worli sea face. I also learnt a lot of things which I will remember all my life. I learnt to adjust, to explore without anyone to help you and to share and express. Every thing is not according to your wish, it depends on how well you handle the situation.  
“Thank you teachers for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Thank you so much.”