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Sunday - June 04, 2023
TOS – DONNER (GOTLAND) Student and Teacher Exchange Program APRIL 2012
TOS – DONNER (GOTLAND) Student and Teacher Exchange Program APRIL 2012
In April 2012, 18 TOS students of Grade 10 accompanied by 3 teachers will visit Gotland.

Objectives Of This Exchange

  • Experience a new culture, the traditions and value system, make friends across borders
  • See and study the rich heritage sites of Gotland’s medieval town, and also understand the issues concerning conservation
  • Draw parallel to the sites in India
  • Do hands on programme at Donner’s media studies department
  • Enjoy the bounties of nature and understand the innate commitment of the citizens on this island to preserve it in its totality
The Preparations So Far..............

  • There was a detailed presentation regarding the exchange by the Director Ms. Lakshmi Kumar and Training & Study Visits Coordinator Ms. Baishaki Bapat for IXth grade parents.
  • Interested candidates were asked to give their names.
  • The response was over whelming.
  • Soon the students were chosen through a lottery.
  • There was an orientation for the final group by Lakshmi and also by the Swedish faculty who were here on an exchange program with their students.
  • The tickets have been booked and further travel plans are in progress.
  • The students have also been given a task for the upcoming visit.
The Task

  • Each student has been allotted an Indian State (by lottery).
  • They have to choose one heritage site of their choice, make a PPT on the following pointers.
  • Short intro note on the state,
  • Its location,
  • List of famous heritage sites, Student’s choice,
  • Its importance,
  • Historic context,
  • Any here says, stories,
  • Current status,
  • Efforts to conserve - local organisation, Government ( regulations from Municipal corporation, laws regarding alteration, occupancy) , NGO efforts, National level (ASI), International efforts (UNESCO declaration)
Knowledge - History, Archeology, Ecology impact, tourism, economy, civics, language, using appropriate technology  

Skills focus: Information selection ( sieving), presentation skills, technical skills used,  making, validating choice, language skills, short, effective presentation of big idea ( in small PPT)


  • Being able to Connect perspectives from History, Economy, Politics (States fight for inclusion...) Conservation at local, national and global level.
  • Being able to make and present a PPT that will be connected to the topic, make sense and relevance to the audience.
  • Being able to make a presentation with confidence to audiences that are not very familiar to the presenter.
  • Being able to share this pool of knowledge with other 10th graders, parents, teachers of TOS (as a practice for presentation) and influencing the way people think about heritage sites.

Parents (pre-departure seminar) Donner students and other secondary school students in Visby.

Time frame:

  • The students have worked on the project during the Christmas vacation.
  • The group has been divided into a subgroup of 6 each and teachers accompanying them have been given a group to mentor and guide.
  • Early April they will have presentations for their parents and fellow classmates. 
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