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Sunday - June 04, 2023
Orchid students on an exchange study visit to Sweden
Orchid students on an exchange study visit to Sweden

10th Grade Students TO Visit Sweden the journey begins……

On 21st April 18 students of Grade X with 3 teachers will visit Gotland in Sweden.

They are going to Donner Gymnasiet, a higher secondary school , on an exchange program. They will get to experience a new culture, the traditions, value system, and make friends across borders. The students will see and study the rich heritage sites of Gotland’s medieval town, and the issues concerning conservation while comparing and drawing parallel to the sites in India The Indian student group will do hands on programme at Donner’s media studies department and learn to document their experiences through powerful and creative visuals that will highlight the learning.

sweden group1

Orchid student group for exchange programme

Orchid school has been coordinating visits of teachers, social workers and Professors from Sweden for past years, an initiative taken by Ms. Lakshmi Kumar, who has a long term association with various universities in Sweden. These interactions have proved to be effective platforms for exchange of pedagogical practices, methods in social work intervention, teaching –learning process , building connections and giving insights into different cultures.

Since April 2008, there is an annual exchange of 4 faculty members from Donner to Orchid School and vice versa. Exchange program has now become an integral part of the school curriculum and is in tune with school’s core philosophy of experiential learning. Now our tenth graders are all set to embark on their journey to Sweden.

It is not often schools have the possibility for exposure of this kind, especially international exchange where they will be part of another learning system, comparing cultures on many levels - individual, group and structural levels. Learning to live in another home, travelling, meeting and interacting with strangers, absorbing all that the host school and city had to offer, going beyond the touristy experience and being able to articulate their learning through a presentation are truly great opportunities in skill building for young learners.