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Thursday - October 19, 2017
Circular : Admissions Related

STD XI: Science Stream: 2017-18


The Orchid School is known for its enriching curriculum that ensures all round development of the students. This ethos is not diluted even at the Senior Secondary level. The students are exposed to a diverse curricular and co-curricular programme throughout the academic year that goes beyond the text book learning.


Details about admission process to STD XI:

Note that this is only a registration for admission and does not guarantee admissions.

Read all the relevant information regarding admission, visit school website, campus if possible and meet TOS parents to get first hand feedback about the school. Being well informed will help you take the right decision.

Since Class X results will be declared only by last week of May, admissions for Class XI will be done on provisional basis.

Schedule for Provisional Admission:

  • Online Registration begins from – Wednesday, 1st February 2017 from 10 am onwards.
  • After Registration, you will get a mail from office on the following day notifying the time for family meet and Online Level Readiness Check.(LRC)
  • Admission Process – Online Level Readiness Check for students followed by Family Meet for both parents and the student is scheduled on 4th, 5th and 11th February 2017. There will be one more round of the same after CBSE Board Exams which is on 9th April 2017. You will receive the time slots as and when you register online for the admission process.

Level Readiness Check (LRC):

The LRC is to check the student’s basic knowledge and readiness for subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology and English and to meet the expectations of STD XI at entry level.

The school has kept the minimum criteria for the Online LRC as 50% as the idea is not to intimidate the child with the expectations of high percentage but to ensure that the child is ready to take challenges of the next level.


 Criteria for Provisional Admission:


For Section A & B (CBSE Science Programme with additional facilitation by Subject Matter Experts)

For Section C (CBSE Science Program)

Term 1

B1 grade for CBSE students (71 to 80%) or equivalent percentage/ grade in respective education boards – e.g. – ICSE, SSC, IB, IGCSE for  Math, Science / Cumulative Physics , Chemistry, Biology (in all subjects)

Term 1

70 % in English

TOS Online- LRC

For the subjects chosen.

50 % in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry / Biology and English


Documents to be submitted at the time of Provisional Admission:

·         Photocopy of Term 1 Result is mandatory when you come for online LRC and Family Meet.

·         1 recent passport size photograph.

·         Birth certificate original or self-attested copy

·         Aadhar Card copy for Indian Nationals and Passport copy for foreign nationals.


Fee Structure:


Sr. No.


Admission Fee (Non Refundable – One Time)

Annual Fee



Rs. 25000/- Non- refundable for       Orchid students

Rs. 1,12000/-



Rs. 50,000/- Non-refundable for               Non Orchid students

Rs. 1,12000/-

Payment schedule:


Sr. No.


Admission Fee (Non Refundable – One Time)

1st Installment

60% to be paid at the time of Provisional admission

Total to be paid at the time of Provisional Admission

2nd Installment

40% in the month of October 2017



For The Orchid School Students:

Rs. 25000/- Non – refundable to be paid at the time of Provisional Admission

Rs. 67,200/-

Rs. 67,200 + Rs. 25000/- =

Rs. 92,200/-

Rs. 44,800/-



For Non Orchid students:

Rs. 50,000/- Non-refundable to be paid at the time of Provisional Admission

Rs. 67,200/-

Rs. 67,200 + Rs. 50000/- =

Rs. 1,17200/-

Rs. 44,800/-

·         Please note that the Admission Fee – one time non-refundable and 1st Installment 60% is to be paid at the time of Provisional Admission within 2 working days from the day provisional admission is granted.

·         Payment of fees can be done through following ways:

o    Demand Draft/ Pay order.

o    Online Transfer – through school web portal – www.fees.theorchidschool.org

o    Cheque – acceptable only for HDFC bank.

·         In all situations, at any given point of time, if withdrawal of admission takes place there is no refund applicable, be it provisional admission or confirmed admission.

Confirmation of Admission:  

Admission Confirmation happens after the verification of STD X Board results as a formality to be adhered to according to the Admission Policy.

Documents to be submitted:

·         Mark sheet of Class X Board Examination - Photocopy

·         Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate – original

·         Migration Certificate - Photocopy

Please Note:

·         Failing to meet any of the above criteria will result in cancellation of Admission.

·         Management reserves all rights for confirmation of admission.

·         All Admissions are subject to availability of seats.

Fees include:

·         Regular CBSE course studies.

·         Co- Scholastic subject areas namely PE, General Studies and Work Education.

·         Practical in relevant subjects.

·         Assessments as per norms.

Fees do not include:

·         Uniform.

·         Text book and notebooks (Vendor stall will be made available at school venue).

·         Stationery.

·         Study Visits/ Exchange Program

·         CBSE Registration and Examination Fee.

·         Transport

·         Lunch (Optional).

·         Any other facilities not mentioned in fee challan.

Other Relevant Information -

·         No. of Divisions: 3

o    2 divisions (Section A and B) - (CBSE Science Programme with additional facilitation by Subject Matter Experts) with a maximum capacity of  35 students in both the sections

o    1 division (Section C) – (CBSE Science Programme) with a maximum capacity of 40 students.

·         Subjects : The subject options available

o    Compulsory subjects: English, Physics, Chemistry, Work Education, General Studies and P.E.

o    Optional subjects: (any two) – Biology, Math, Informatics Practices.

School Timing:


Section A& B

Section C

Time (Mon-Sat)

8:30 am to 2:45pm

8:30 am to 2:30 pm

Vacation( Diwali &Christmas)

Holidays on select days

Holidays on select days

·         Please note – on the days of Practical etc , the school timings may get extended beyond 2.30/ 2.45 pm

(It will be indicated in advance)

·         No negotiations will be allowed regarding school timings and number of minimum expected working days (75% as per CBSE norms) even if the student has enrolled for other coaching classes. 


Important Dates:

  • Academic Session begins :17th April 2017 (Monday) for all Sections (A, B and C)
  • Foundation Course will be conducted by Subject Matter Experts for Section A and B.
  • If students miss the Foundation Course because of any reason, this course will not be repeated nor its content and course material will be made available.
  • The above is applicable for Section C also, please ensure that your ward attends school from the very first day.
  • Summer Break for Section C begins from 30th April 2017.
  • Summer Break for Section A & B begins from 11th May 2017.
  • Regular classes will begin after the summer break from Monday 29th May 2017.

Please Note :

You will require the below information handy while doing the registration process.

  • Aadhar No / Passport No.
  • Term I Report Std X Examination.

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