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Monday - December 11, 2023
Veg Cutlet

Mini Lunch - Sev tamatar sabji + chappati +salad + sweet

Full Lunch - Sev tamatar sabji + chappati +dal +rice +salad + sweet

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Important Information about Health Mela

Dear Parents,

TOS is responsible for the learning of its students and that too which is relevant to time and the need. To cater to this learning this year the theme ‘Health is Wealth’ was announced. This theme for the year was selected based on the observations and experience of the lifestyle changes and the risk of health issues associated with it.  To make our students be aware of it and to help them make appropriate health choices various activities were conducted in the form of self-analysis, exercising, bringing awareness, conducting research, etc. Now all this learning is ready to be spread to the larger group / society through ‘Health Mela’.

Health Mela at TOS will be the culmination of the outcome of the learning process of the student. It will be held on 25th and 26th November. The focus of the Mela will be to bring the awareness among the larger group through self-realization of lifestyle choices. During these two days where students are going to spread the awareness, we are approaching you to join us and be the part of the change.

The Idea is- 

Today the big shift has been observed in the eating habits and the choices of the food that our students and the adults make. We invite you to be the part of the mela by putting up a food stall that is of healthy food items.  To be the part of it the details are given below-

·         The stall has to be of healthy food.

·         The stalls will be put up on the school ground in covered pandols.

·         The stall will be for two days i.e. 25th and 26th November.

·         Timing for the stall will be –

o   25th November- 12 noon to 5 pm

o   26th November – 11 am to 5:30 pm

·         You can avail the space for stall on the sponsorship of Rs. 5000.

·         This minimum amount is charged to support the learning exposure for our students.

·         If you are interested then write back to us to book the space for two days.  

·         You can write to Ms. Preeti Gokhale on the email id- preetigokhale@theorchidschool.org

·         To confirm the booking you have to pay the said amount in the accounts office.

·         Lastly.. hurry up as the stalls will be limited in number. 

Thank You,

Team TOS.