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Tuesday - May 17, 2022
Circular : Student Achievement
Chinmay Kalluraya' s initiative to bring change in school council elections process

Chinmay Kalluraya' s initiative to bring change in school council elections process, Orchid is going the technology way.....

Chinmay Kalluraya, a class 12th - Garnet student, has created a computer algorithm for the school council elections voting process, as a replacement to the manual voting system that was in place until last year. This is his inspiring story of how ideas can become successful, if they can solve an existing problem and make a positive change.

The summer vacation is an important time for students these days. When Chinmay saw his friends from school complete an exchange program in Sweden and intern at startups in Pune, he asked himself how he could utilize this summer to do something productive and contribute in a positive way. Our school has had a manual school council election voting system until last year, where students voted through chits and teachers counted the votes by hand before announcing the results. This process utilized large amounts of paper and could not be monitored capably, with students mischievously voting multiple numbers of times. The young 12th grader saw an opportunity here, he thought of creating a computerized system of elections, which would be a much more efficient and time-saving process.

Putting the concepts of coding he learnt in the classroom to practical use, he took his idea forward and began designing a program for the 4 Houses (Udaan, Umang, Unnati and Ujjala), for the post of House Captain (Boy) and House Captain (Girl). The program continuously saves the voter's votes and after elections, the results can be viewed and announced in the matter of minutes. During the coding phase, Chinmay kept viewing the program through the eyes of a user, and consequently kept it simple to use, adding the necessary validations in the code to ensure its precision.

Now, with a highly organized and automated system, a lot of hassles with manual voting have been avoided. Students can experience real elections in a real democratic situation. Computerized voting has restored the sanctity of the system. We thank Chinmay for his valuable contribution, which will be utilized for many years to come.

Election Voting Presentation.