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  • 19 Craft with Parents-Std.II
  • 23 Diwali Party
  • 24 Read to Me-Std.I-IV

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  • 31 ETST Conference

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Wednesday - October 16, 2019
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Veg Sandwich

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Panner Kadai
Dal Tadka
Plain Rice

Please Note: Chapati will be available on the days we have rice as calendared menu. The other gravy/ dal/ salad/ raita etc will still remain the same
School Managing Committee
School Managing Committee (SMC)

A School Managing Committee (SMC) is an officially constituted body approved by the Board of Trustees of the school and recommended by the State Government under the RTE Act.

The role of the SMC is to facilitate communication and cooperation among the school leaders, parents, teachers, community representatives and students with the goal of enhancing the quality of school programs and increasing the levels of student achievement.

While the Principal is responsible for the direct management of the school, SMC may assist school administration in the development and implementation of school-based policies, practices, programs and activities which help improve the teaching and learning environment of their school.

It is important that SMCs’ discussions and actions are focused on improving the quality of school programs and increasing the levels of student achievement. Items that do not focus on improving the school’s teaching and learning environment should not be brought to the table thus should not be added to the SMC agenda. It is the responsibility of the chair, in collaboration with the principal, to determine if a proposed agenda item is a suitable issue for the SMC to address. SMC is not a forum to address individual teacher, parent, student or personal issues.

SMC is accountable to the school and to the school community, responsible for doing what is in the best interest of the school and what is in the best interest of all students collectively. SMC is accountable to their board and responsible for following the bylaws of the board.

The School Managing Committee consists of the following members:

  • Principal Ex- Officio Secretary
  • Director
  • Board representative
  • PTA (Parent representative)
  • Teacher representative
  • Student representative
  • Educationist
The Orchid School – School Managing Council 2018-19 
Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Ms. Namrata Majhail Ex Officio Secretary (Principal)
2 Ms. Lakshmi Kumar School Representative (Director)
3 Ms. Sangeeta Kapoor School Representative (Vice Principal)
4 Mr. Pravin Gaikwad School Representative (Unit Head - Admin)
5 Ms. Shilpa Ghadge Teacher Representative
6 Mr. Hardik Desai PTA Parent Representative
7 Ms. Anjali Moorthy School - Head Girl
8 Master Ojas Davare School- Head Boy
9 Master Aditya Nebharaji School - Secretary
10 Ms. Pallavi Naik Educationist (Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao High School)