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  • 14 Nature Walk with Parents -Std.IV
  • 16 Math Quiz Final-Std.III & IV
  • 16 Math Quiz Final-Std.III & IV
  • 17 Assembly Presentation -Std.II Canary
  • 18 Science Quiz Finals -Std.III & IV
  • 19 Assembly Presentation -Std.II Oyster
  • 20 Read To Me-Std.I-IV
  • 21 Sports Day-Std.V-XII
  • 23 Working day for students -Std.IX-XII

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Saturday - December 14, 2019
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Batata Wada

TOS - Riverside Exchange programme, November 2013
TOS - Riverside Exchange programme, November 2013
On 26th October 2013, a batch of twenty four enthusiastic VIII graders left for Ahemdabad for an Exchange Programme at Riverside School. And after that there was no looking back….

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Life assumed the form of a roller coaster ride-full of enriching experiences that left each one of us making a grab at them with both hands! The visit to the Vintage Cars Museum, a taste (even literally!) of the cultural heritage of Gujarat, the soul searching walk through Gandhi Ashram, the beauty of Adalaj Vav and the extremely touching hour spent with the cancer patients at the Civil Hospital with the Heal team were some of the highlighting moments of the entire trip.

Apart from this, what all the students enjoyed and absorbed were Raag’s Music Session­­-‘Language with Music’, `The Learning Hub’…… integrating subjects into abstract ideas, `Logical Math Session’ and the numerous congloms that forced each one  to reflect and express their thoughts after every new learning experience.

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The Prezi and the Drum Presentation by Orchids were greatly appreciated at Riverside. We were glad we could give them something in return of the jewels we gathered from there.

 Absorption, amassment, reflection, expression, respect, connection and responsibility lingered in the air during those few days at Riverside.

This wonderful journey came to a full stop on 31st morning- but not before pasting a whole new world of unforgettable memories in each of our hearts!!!