Quick Calendar

Holidays : July 2019

  • 20 Holiday for all

Events : July 2019

  • 17 Assembly Presentation -Std.VII Periwinkle
  • 18 Chefs At Work-Std.III
  • 19 Science Quiz- Round-I -Std.III-VIII
  • 19 Essay Writing Competition -Finals-Std.IX & X
  • 22 Assembly Presentation -Std.IX Aquamarine
  • 22 Visitor- Std IV
  • 23 Visitor-Std.III
  • 24 Assembly Presentation -Std.VII Iris
  • 26 Science Concept Check - STD III-VII, IX and X
  • 27 Concert Guru Poornima -Std.VIII
  • 31 Read to Me-Std.I-IV

Trainings : July 2019

  • 26 History for Peace Conference - The idea of the Indian Constitution

Food Menu : Today

Tuesday - July 16, 2019
Breakfast Menu
Moong Daal Vada

Lunch Menu
Shahi paneer
Veg biryani
Veg raita

Please Note: Chapati will be available on the days we have rice as calendared menu. The other gravy/ dal/ salad/ raita etc will still remain the same
Circular : Event & Program Related

The Orchid School is proud to host a one of its kind event at TOS Pune – TEDxTheOrchidSchool - “Youth Matters;Youth Matters”, scheduled for 6th August 2017. Attendance by invitation only !

Please refer to the  invitation for TEdxTheOrchidSchool, with an addition of  our  esteemed  speaker Dr Parag Mankeekar  to talk about one  more relevant matter that will surely matter to the youth.

Click here to connect to the TEDxTheOrchidSchool website