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Monday - December 11, 2023
Veg Cutlet

Mini Lunch - Sev tamatar sabji + chappati +salad + sweet

Full Lunch - Sev tamatar sabji + chappati +dal +rice +salad + sweet

It’s not simple being cool, but it’s cool being simple!
Being cool is to be you 

You are unique, and you don't need to join a clique. 

Being cool isn't about changing who you are, 

it’s about  letting people see how awesome you really are.

Cool ones follow rules

The ones meant for your safety, security  and civility. 

Cool ones know that people are  equal.  

It could be a child, a stranger, hawker, and your servant maid

The beggar on the street OR the president of any Nation State  

Being cool is not to be afraid to be different 

Whether that means standing up for you, 

Defending someone else, or 

Taking interest in something that no one else does,  

The coolest people are the ones 

Who occasionally break against the tide? 

Make people question the status quo

And take a new ride.

Cool people speak up!

"Cool" people usually say what they mean, and mean what they say. 

 However, they make it count. 

Cool ones don’t shout out opinion just to be heard.    

Funky ones keep their "cool." 

 Calm and composed, 

 Not excited, neither indifferent, 

 Cool ones don’t put other people down, Even if everyone else is doing it.

Cool heads know, with great power comes great responsibility!

It is cool to go digital and viral, 

When it is legal,  

So you can surf and travel.

To be global is cool 

To know local is uber cool!

Lakshmi  Kumar