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Holidays : August 2017

Events : August 2017

  • 23 Assembly Presentation - STD IX Ochre
  • 26 Concert- STD V
  • 26 Holiday for Students - STD I-X
  • 26 Working Day for Students - STD XI & XII
  • 28 Math Concept Check - STD III to X
  • 29 Assembly Presentation - STD XII C
  • 29 Ganesh Darshan - STD VIII
  • 30 Ganesh Darshan - STD VIII
  • 30 Assembly Presentation - STD IX Chrome
  • 31 Ganesh Darshan - STD VIII

Trainings : August 2017

Food Menu : Today

Tuesday - August 22, 2017
Breakfast Menu 
Masala Dosa/HB Cake
Lunch Menu 
Pav Bhaji
Shahi Biryani
Veg Raita
Lemon / Onion

 Please Note: Chapati will be available on the days we have rice as calendared menu. The other gravy/ dal/ salad/ raita etc will still remain the same.
Class Parent Volunteer
Class Parent Volunteer system

Apart from the PTA which is a representative of school parent body, TOS also has CPVS (Class Parent Volunteer System).

Class Parent Volunteer are parents who have volunteered or have been elected to act as a common link between the class teacher and other parents of their respective class. They partner with the teacher to coordinate class and school related activities. Each class has a one Class Parent and three support parent.

Class Parent Volunteer system has been initiated to:

To take advantage of talents, abilities, interest and time to increase the richness of the class/ school’s program.

To help, assist and support in coordinating class related activities.

To feel included in the school life of your child

To create and develop productive and positive partnership between home and school.

Role of the Class Parent is to:

Pass on any important / urgent messages to the support parent.

Maintain a resource bank of people with expertise in various fields.

Motivate parents with skills to participate in class / school related activities or events when required.

Help to develop harmonious relationship between parents and school.

Role of support parent is to:

Support parent as the name suggests is a support to the Class Parent.
Have an updated telephone number list of parents that fall under his / her chain.
Pass on any important / urgent messages to all parents under their chain
Know all parents (under their chain) and their skills that can be beneficial to the class when required.

Areas in which CPV’s participate or help are:
  • Substitution
  • Class Project
  • Art
  • Prop making
  • Teaching aids
  • Cooking Days
  • Story telling sessions
  • Sports day
  • Concerts
  • Cultural programs
  • Publishing
  • Customs (Class Presentations)
  • Field trips
  • Awareness campaigns

The selected class parent volunteers will have regular touch base meetings with their respective class teacher throughout the academic year. The class parent volunteer system has been initiated to benefit the child. It is not a platform to table any grievances & complaints.