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Holidays : August 2019

  • 31 Holiday for students -Std. VI-X

Events : August 2019

  • 24 SPTC-Std.IX-XII
  • 26 Ganesh Idol making week -Std.I-X
  • 26 Assembly Presentation -Std.IX Sapphire
  • 28 Read to Me-Std.I-IV
  • 28 Assembly Presentation -Std.VIII Saffron
  • 30 MLV-Std.I-III
  • 30 Sing Along with Parents -Std.I
  • 30 Science Project Display -Std.IX-XII
  • 31 TEDxTheOrchidSchool
  • 31 Working day For students -Std.XI & XII

Trainings : August 2019

Food Menu : Today

Friday - August 23, 2019
Breakfast Menu
Vada pav

Lunch Menu
Bhendi masala
Masala bath

Please Note: Chapati will be available on the days we have rice as calendared menu. The other gravy/ dal/ salad/ raita etc will still remain the same
Chefs at Work - Class III - July 2019
19/07/2019 00:00
Jul 22, 2019

As our children advance to higher classes, their hunger to learn new things increases. Teachers of class III along with the help of maushi’s and class parent volunteers engage our students in a full-fledged cooking experience.

Jul 22, 2019

Students started their day with shopping for the ingredients required for cooking. The menu for the day was Misal Pav, so the grocery group with their teachers brought the required ingredients.

Jul 22, 2019
Jul 22, 2019

Once the ingredients were available, students, under their teachers guidance, washed and chopped the vegetables.

Jul 22, 2019
Jul 22, 2019
Jul 22, 2019

Once the vegetables were chopped by our students with the help of parent volunteers, our maushi's helped in getting the onion paste and tomato puree ready.

Jul 22, 2019

Then our master chefs gathered near their teacher at the cooking area and listened patiently while actively getting involved in the cooking procedure.

Jul 22, 2019
Jul 22, 2019

The three sections of class III had their cooking day on 3 different days.

Jul 22, 2019
Jul 22, 2019
Jul 22, 2019
Shilpa Di, Shiby Di, Pranati Di and Surekha Maushi giving finishing touch to the lunch prepared by o
Jul 22, 2019
Jul 22, 2019

On their cooking day, our class III master chefs had a reason to respect their food, value the effort put in cooking and to avoid food wastage as they themselves shopped for the ingredients, chopped the vegetables and involved themselves fully in learning to cook “Misal Pav” at school.

The final result was no doubt – super yummy food served as lunch.
Jul 22, 2019
17/07/2019 00:00