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  • 13 Field Trip-Std.IV
  • 14 Field Trip-Std.IV
  • 15 Assembly Presentation -Std.V Honeydew
  • 15 Science Quiz-Round 3 -Std.IX & X
  • 18 Assembly Presentation -Class X Lavender
  • 19 Assembly Presentation -Std.III Aster
  • 21 Assembly Presentation -Std.III Blush
  • 22 Assembly Presentation -Std.V Ivory
  • 23 Paper Viewing-Std.V-VIII
  • 25 Math Concept Check -Std.III-X
  • 25 Assembly Presentation -Class X Purple
  • 26 Assembly Presentation -Std.III Fuchsia
  • 27 Assembly Presentation -Social Science Group -Std.VIII
  • 27 Read to me-Std.I-IV
  • 28 Academic Report Release for PT 2- Std.V-VIII
  • 28 MLV-Std.I-III
  • 28 Science Project Display -Std.IV
  • 29 Assembly Presentation -Std.V Pearl
  • 30 Literary Fest Long Table -Std.VII

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Tuesday - November 12, 2019
Making learning easier through TOS learning app- An overview - July 2019
09/07/2019 00:00
Jul 9, 2019

In yet another initiative to foster “Anytime Anywhere Learning” The Orchid School have introduced ' TOS Learning ' App to enable it’s students to connect with their classes even after school hours. The objective is to help the students feel interested, involved and understand the concepts of various subjects after school in their home.

Jul 9, 2019

On July 9th 2019, Students and teachers at The Orchid School were briefed about the "TOS learning" app. The app which is produced jointly by TOS and Robomate+ will be available free of cost for students for the next 10 days.

Jul 9, 2019
Jul 9, 2019
Jul 9, 2019

The App will be available exclusively to the students and teachers of The Orchid School. Through this Learning App, you can access video lectures by expert teachers and take tests/assessments after watching the video lecture and/or after completing a chapter, whenever you want.

Jul 9, 2019

TOS Learning App’s Key Features: • Video lectures by expert teachers according to topics and concepts • Mapped to the curriculum • Oriented towards Class and Board Examination • Well organized by chapter & module for easy navigation • You can easily track your study progress and performance • Videos explaining problem solving methods & techniques • Content can be saved on device for offline viewing. • Each concept video is followed by a small MCQ test to self-evaluate your understanding

Jul 9, 2019

Few more features of the app are . Add notes to the video timeline while studying just by pausing the video. • Teacher can unlock chapters as per her study plan and schedule. • End of chapter (EoC) tests can be accessed only after your Teacher unlocks the same. • Through Dynamic Tests you can take additional Assessment which your teacher assigns to you from time to time.

Jul 9, 2019
Jul 9, 2019
Jul 9, 2019

With the launch of this learning App, The Orchid School is poised to enter a new era of technology enabled learning.

Download the App now.
Jul 9, 2019
09/07/2019 00:00