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Sweden Teacher Exchange Cyber Gymnassiet February 2014
Sweden Teacher Exchange Cyber Gymnassiet February 2014
Ms. Annelie Rohlin, Principal of Cyber Gymnasiet, Stockholm and her team visited us for a week (21st to 28th February’14.)


Cyber Gymnasiet is an upper secondary school and has been receiving our students and teachers since the last two years. Our students and teachers visited the school and also stayed for a couple of days with their teachers. 
Annelie and her team met the student and teacher group which will be going to Sweden this year in April 2014. The parents were also present for this meeting wherein, she gave an overview of the program, some logistic details and also addressed the queries of the parents.

DSC02053 DSC02055

Our School Council members, Aashna and Aashish supported by some more members made a Presentation about our school and also took the Cyber Team around for a school tour.

The Cyber Team visited some organizations, like Saheli Sangh, Aalochana and Grammangal, Pune School. They also attended a session by Professor Sunita Pandhe in Orchid School.

DSC02050    DSC02058

They had some lesson observations at the school and interacted with our students and teachers. 
Shilpa di, Principal hosted a welcome dinner for the team where they met some members of the school. Our teachers hosted them for a couple of days so that they could experience the Indian home and culture. Neena di, Atreyi di and Ashwini Mate were the three teachers who hosted the team. Lakshmi di, our Director hosted an official dinner where they met some of the role holders of the school.

Preeti di, Counselor also hosted a dinner for the group.

They visited the Grammangal School in Aaine, near Dahanu where they stayed for two days to observe and understand the pedagogy of the tribal school. Kalyani di and Manjusha di accompanied them on this trip. 
They really enjoyed their stay here, for many it was their first visit to India. They got a glimpse of the Indian culture, tradition, education system and have returned with many impressions.

Baishaki di